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Spray Foam Insulation Toronto 647-933-4402


Royal Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation contractor, who provides cost efficient and reliable services for commercial, residential and industrial projects. We are 5M liability insured, licensed, WSIB insured and certified company with an excellent reputation in the Greater Toronto Area. We use only the top quality Eco-friendly spray foam insulation materials and trained installers with years of experience.

We started our company in 2005 as a general contractor, doing everything in construction and renovations. After few years we decided to concentrate our efforts on drywall and spray foam insulation Toronto.

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We always provide the best service to our clients. If you in need of environmentally-friendly Spray Foam Insulation services in Toronto area – Royal Insulation is the only contact, you will ever need. Assuring you of our best services at all times. Our service stress free always on time and budget. We proud of the work we do and guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Spray Foam Insulation

Mostly installed by a spray-foam contractor using special equipment, a certified spray-foam specialist, sprays mix of two components on the areas to be insulated.

When two chemicals mixed reaction begins. The liquid mixture foams expands and hardens. Foam is the best material than any other type of insulation allowing to reduce air (thermal), street sound and moisture leakage.

Polyurethane closed cell foam, provides a higher R-value per inch than fiberglass or cellulose, the less expensive types of insulation and fully self-attached to the substrate, which makes your building much stronger. There is no convection air movement, no glue and no mechanical fasteners between the substrate and the Spray Foam. You get 100% of the insulating value for the lifetime of your house.

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Spray foam insulation Toronto


R value of spray foam insulation chart

RCI – R value

R5   – 0,88 RCI

R10 – 1,76 RCI

R12 – 2,11 RCI

R18 – 3,17 RCI

R20 – 3,52 RCI

R22 – 3,87 RCI

R24 – 4,23 RCI

R31 – 5,46 RCI

R40 – 7,04 RCI

R50 – 8,81 RCI

R60 – 10,57 RCI

R value per inch

1 Inch                  5.75 per inch                   R5.7

2 Inches              5.7R per inch                   R11.4

3 Inches              5.8R per inch                   R17.4

4 Inches              5.9R per inch                   R23.6

5 Inches              6.0R per inch                   R30

6 Inches              6.1R per inch                   R36.6

7 Inches              6.2R per inch                   R43.4

8 Inches              6.3R per inch                   R50.4

We’re really proud of the great work we do for our valuable clients.